Shared Pool memory leak with _FIX_CONTROL

Once I was contacted with quite interesting problem.

From the user’s side problem was that after some time of properly working system started to return ORA-04031 even on simple queries like: SELECT * FROM dual;

The main part of Shared Pool was subpool named “qksbgCreateSessionEnv:qks“.

The most interesting fact was that this subpool was increasing by 200 bytes every second until no more free memory in Shared Pool.

Searching on site My Oracle Support I found the source of this situation:

BUG:5548510 _FIX_CONTROL parameter leaks memory in the shared pool

which is fixed in:,


  • keep your system on latest available patchset for your release
  • install latest available cumulative bundle over your patchset, or PSU for unix/linux platforms
  • regularly look through know issues for your version

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