Data Pump Import failed with ORA-00600 [klxpr_22]


Just some lines in case that somebody will get to the same situation…

I was doing Moving AWR data (BTW – it works for 10.2 too!) to another server for analysis, but at the importing step faced next error:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [klxpr_22], [2], [], [], [], [], [], []

Quick search on My Oracle Support suggested:

761576.1 Data Pump Import Fails With ORA-7445
The cause of this issue is unknown, but (worker) process memory depletion is suspected.

– one possible solution is to increase the DataPump import job parallelism (for example, from PARALLEL=4 to PARALLEL=8)
– another possible solution is to use CREATE TABLE AS SELECT (CTAS) instead of expdp/impdp.

The cause was suspiciously unclear

So, after some time of thinking (curiously ? :)) I came to a conclusion that file may be incorrectly transferred to the target system. The source of this conclusion was free download manager ORBIT used for the file transferring and that file was transferred in four threads…

So I decided to check this idea:

  • file was compressed on source system
  • archive transferred to target system
  • decompressed archive on target system
  • checked with first file and confirmed that they have differences (!!!)
  • loaded file into DB without any issues

I have posted feedback regarding My Oracle Support NOTE:761576.1 , but I don’t know when(if at all) the mentioned NOTE will be updated…

After some time(3 months) Oracle has updated mentioned NOTE with one more possible solution:

  • cleanly transfer the source file to target


  • Oracle Data Pump Export & Import utilities lack file integrity checks capabilities
  • to workaround this limitations it is worth to calculate hash (like MD5) on export file(s) on original server just before transferring, and check this hash on target server to confirm that file(s) is the same
  • transferring compressed (using gzip, zip, bzip2, …) file may be used as a workaround too, because archive integrity is checked during decompression

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