My Oracle Support(MOS) productivity with Firefox Quick Searches

“Use Firefox Quick Searches to quickly access Oracle related information: DOCs, SRs, NOTEs, BUGs etc…”

Several years ago I was using Maxthon Browser to walk the Internet. It was (still is ?) based on Internet Explorer engine and provided a lot of customizations over IE. The most useful for me was the possibility to use search engines directly from address bar.

It was like a charm (after some customizations) – typed “mn 1269139.1” (mn was an acronym for Metalink Note) and contents of mentioned Metalink Note displayed without the need to open Metalink web site, type NOTE number and do the search, then find needed NOTE among others and open it – which was a quite a long way…

There were about two dozen of such customizations – half of which were related to Oracle activities.

So when a decided to move to Firefox, mentioned search customizations were the only thing that was stopping me to move quickly…

Some time ago I have found the possibility to reproduce mentioned behavior in Firefox.

There are two different way:

1) create custom search extension, install it into Firefox and specify “Keyword” to access this search from address bar – it’s not the easiest and fastest way

2) create Bookmark in special format and specify “Keyword” – we will go this way!

Next I’m showing the way how to add mentioned bookmarks in Firefox 4.0 and later I’ll provide customizations especially for My Oracle Support web-portal.

So, lets add Firefox bookmark with search capability:

1) inside Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+B

2) at the left side select All Bookmarks -> Bookmarks Menu

3) press right button of mouse and select “New Folder”, type something like SEARCHes

4) right click on newly created folder(SEARCHes) and select “New Bookmark” and fill next fields:



Keyword: mn

press “Add” button to add bookmark.

5) now close Bookmarks Library window and go to Firefox address bar

6) type “mn 1269139.1” and press “enter” – You will move directly to specified MOS NOTE!!!

So now we have quite useful shortcut to go directly to specific NOTE.

Lets add rest of shortcuts to Oracle resources:

Bookmark Name Keyword Location
MOS Note mn
MOS BUG Description bd
MOS Patch mp
MOS Patch Flash mpf,(page=PatchSearchResultsHome&id=gj46pr1y(search=%0A&incFamilyProds=false&flag=search))
MOS Service Request sr
MOS Search KB s
MOS Search BUG sb
MOS Search ALL sa
Search 11.2 Docs sd
Search Tahiti st

Happy SEARCHing! 🙂

PS1: some shortcuts will return HTML results, but some will start FLASH

PS2: leave in comments what You think may be added to provided list to make Oracle activities easier or faster.


Don’t include special characters like “(“, “)”, “?”, “=”, “&”, … in your searches to My Oracle Support – it’s because of the way how they are passed and processed by Flash.


You may use provided Quick Searches as a shortcut for looking up ORA-600 or ORA-7445, just use s ORA-600 [kgeade_is_0] to search Knowledge Base or sb ORA-600 [kgeade_is_0] to search only in BUGs or even sa ORA-600 [kgeade_is_0] to search in All Sections. Please keep in mind fact mentioned in UPDATE1.

UPDATE3 (13-NOV-2012):

MOS Flash interface was retire, so I have rechecked all shortcuts for relevance – some was corrected but some still don’t work(grayed)…

UPDATE4 (4-SEP-2013):

If you are having long sessions with MOS, you are absolutely require to have one more Firefox shortcut on you toolbar. Check Tanel Poder’s C-MOS: How to get rid of the annoying “The Page has Expired” dialog in My Oracle Support


5 thoughts on “My Oracle Support(MOS) productivity with Firefox Quick Searches

  1. Recently I’ve tried it and it works good. I don’t have to load flash content to get known document or surf through the patch search dialog to load the patch by its number.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Andriy!

      Thanks for stopping!

      Don’t have to wait for loading Flash to get specific PATCH or NOTE is important,
      but what You are planning for setting up some patch, then it’s more important
      to have access to Related Knowledge for specific PATCH – which is possible only from Flash interface.
      Please, try newly added “mpf” for searching specific PATCH in Flash interface,
      like “mpf 11071992”.


  2. Hi,
    thanks your tip.
    May have you idea , how can we copy those bookmark to another station?
    Thanks in advance.

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