I have passed 1Z0-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials

Continuing certification Saga I have passed 1Z0-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials.

So now I have one more Oracle Certification Program status – Oracle Exadata 11g Certified Implementation Specialist.

For those who plan to take this exam:

1) it wasn’t difficult to pass it(especially in comparison with 1Z0-048 Oracle Database 10g R2: Administering RAC, 1Z0-054 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning, Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master…)

2) exam is highly based on official preparation course – Exadata and Database Machine Administration Workshop, so try to visit it.

3) there were a lot of questions related to IORM(IO Resource Manager), so please give additional attention to this topic

4) access to Exadata or Exadata Simulator will be very useful for training and real experience – it will be quite difficult to pass exam without them…

5) You have to guess only 2 questions from 3, because passing score is only 67% 😉

6) there were not any exhibits on exam…

7) use good post Oracle exam strategies for preparation and taking exam. The most valuable recommendations are these:  “Answer the EASY QUESTIONS FIRST“, “Delete alternative choices which YOU KNOW ARE WRONG”, “Make BEST GUESS”, but the whole post worth reading.

Good Luck!

PS.  I’m looking for Oracle Exadata-related activities/projects


7 thoughts on “I have passed 1Z0-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials

  1. Congrats Oleksandr !!

    Would you be so kind to share information about “Exadata Simulator”, is there any way we can have access/download exadata simulator for practice …

    • Hi Jagjeet Singh!

      Thanks for congratulations!

      What about “Exadata Simulator” ?
      It’s Oracle internal tool used mostly for:
      1) Exadata DBM POCs
      2) Oracle Education courses
      3) seminars for Oracle Partners

      By architecture, Exadata Simulator is a set of virtual machine images for Oracle VM.

      this tool is not directly available for customers or even Oracle Partners.


  2. Hi Oleksandr ,

    What are the pre-requisites for the 1Z0-536 . Do i need to be an OCA / OCP prior taking this …


    • jack,

      You don’t have to be OCA/OCP/OCM,
      just pass exam – look here

      You don’t have to be OCP or attend two advanced courses even before passing OCM exam,
      but You will not receive score report and success kit(if passed) before You complete all exam pre-requirements


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