ORA-01013 after 15 minutes in Oracle Apex through Apex Listener

Quite interesting problem was reported by our developers.

After 15 minutes of execution of long running server side procedure called from Apex(Oracle Application Experss) this call ends with:

ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

According to 18604.1 ORA 1013 user requested cancel of current operation, we have next explanation:

Cause:  The user interrupted an Oracle operation by entering CTRL-C, Control-C,  or another canceling operation.
This forces the current operation to end.
This is an informational message only.
Action: Continue with the next operation.

but it’s absolutely clear that nobody has requested this cancellation (BTW – this fact has been additionally checked ;)) and what it more important – how can we “Continue with the next operation”, if previous didn’t completed successfully and it’s required for next operation ?

After some digging into the possible causes of ORA-01013(most of them will be discussed in next post) the issue was fixed and for those who has the same issue, please check for fix that helped us:

go to Application Express Listener Admin console, URL is something like this

Connection -> Database Connection -> JDBC Settings: Abandoned Connection Timeout:

change the value 900 seconds to something more appropriate, like 3600, as we did.

I don’t recommend to set “unlimited” value, because you will lose the possibility to control this feature.


  • there are more reasons for ORA-01013 – they will be discussed in next post.
  • if You have some suspected facts, like 15 minutes before ORA-01013″, and these facts are consistent, then it much more easier to troubleshoot problem than if you don’t have consistent facts

4 thoughts on “ORA-01013 after 15 minutes in Oracle Apex through Apex Listener

  1. For which version of APEX your issue is applicable? I have installed at natively and link you provided not work for me.. Can you explain how to setup my version of APEX to avoid this kind of errors?

    • Vadim,

      this particular setup was using Apex 4.0.1 and Apex Listener in which timeouts were configured.
      As I understood You don’t use Apex Listener, but use Apex with Embedded PL/SQL Gateway through XML DB.
      I’m right ?
      What kind of timeout do You experience ?
      is it call timeout(it was our case), idle session timeout, e.t.c
      what is exact time of timeout ?


      • Hi, Oleksandr!

        Yes, you are right, I use embedded 11g gateway, no listener. My situation looks like your – user tap apex form button to make a report, which generated by pl/sql. But pl/sql procedure works about 20 minutes. So, user got error you describe. Can I fix it at Apex side? I cant rewrite pl/sql to desrease the time of it works B-(

  2. Vadim,

    If nothing is used between user and Apex,
    than you have to configure Oracle XDB HTTP Listener.
    It may be done throught OEM or xdbconfig.xml

    Please, provide feedback on results of your research.

    PS: i’ll try to simulate your situation and find solution next week

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