ORA-600 [qsmkzsi_setup_ivqbc:1] with Materialized View COMPILE/REFRESH


Just a quick post about issue that wasn’t ever discussed… and hasn’t fix from Oracle yet…

Compiling or refreshing materialized view You may face ORA-600 [qsmkzsi_setup_ivqbc:1] error.

It’s because of:

BUG 10145667 – ANSI query does not rewrite

Fixed In:

12.1. (future release) (future release)

What is most interesting is that sometimes You may get mentioned error, but sometimes everything works as expected, so issue is not consistent…


Don’t use ANSI syntax!


Wait for the fix for BUG 10145667 or move to when available.



2 thoughts on “ORA-600 [qsmkzsi_setup_ivqbc:1] with Materialized View COMPILE/REFRESH

  1. Note: It is NOT fixed in!

    Support just gave me the same old workaround – seriously, this is not acceptable. Are they trying to drive their customers away?

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