OEM 12c: “The page has expired. Click OK to continue”


I have been asked several times to solve the same issue, so it’s time to make short blog post.

People that have moved to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, may see next annoying message after some time of not actively using console:

“The page has expired. Click OK to continue”

It’s even more annoying if You use OEM Performance Monitoring pages on different monitor.

According to Oracle Documentation, this behaviour was intended to solve next issue:

“To prevent unauthorized access to the Cloud Control console, Enterprise Manager will automatically log you out of the Cloud Control console when there is no activity for a predefined period of time. For example, if you leave your browser open and leave your office, this default behavior prevents unauthorized users from using your Enterprise Manager administrator account.”

But in reality when You click that annoying message You will continue to use OEM GC without having to login again…

So lets fix this “feature”:

  1. Set the value for the OMS ORACLE_HOME environment variable and go to ‘OMS/bin’. For example:
    export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/Middleware/oms
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
  2. increase timeout or disable this feature with ‘-1’ value:
  3. ./emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime -value -1 -sysman_pwd sysman_password
  4. Restart OMS to reflect the new settings:
    ./emctl stop oms
    ./emctl start oms



One thought on “OEM 12c: “The page has expired. Click OK to continue”

  1. We have done this and it’s great, but I’m finding zombie/idle/stale users now in OEM. How can I disconnect these users? I see them in OEM Security Console -> Active User Session Count but I don’t see a way to disconnect them.


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