IMPDP: Indexes are Creating Serially and NOPARALLEL

What is the reasons and possible solutions for issue mentioned in subject ?


  • indexes was created as NOPARALLEL at source database, so during import they will be creating with NOPARALLEL
  • IMPDP wasn’t developed to create several indexes in parallel
  • IMPDP BUGs, like this one – 8604502

Possible Solutions:

  1. modify indexes’ PARALLEL clause at source system before export
    • ALTER INDEX xxx PARALLEL desired_parallel_level_for_import;
    • EXPDP …
    • ALTER INDEX xxx PARALLEL old_parallel_level;
    • IMPDP …
  2. create indexes separately after modifying DDL (check good post about procedure)
    • EXPDP …
    • modify index_ddls.sql to correct PARALLEL clause
    • execute index_ddls.sql to build indexes(may be split in parts and run simultaneously)
  3. after patching IMPDB is able to create indexes concurrently (read more on this)
    • install PATCH:22273229 at the target system (you don’t require to shutdown instance during installation)
    • IMPDP PARALLEL=XXX   will create XXX indexes simultaneously


  • if you are prohibited to touch source system – method 1 is not for you.
  • don’t combine several methods to not overload the target system
  • for any method used, temporary increase PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET to the largest possible value
  • 8604502 – IMPDP creates indexes with parallel degree 1 during import”

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