ONS doesn’t start after applying

I have applied patchset to one of my test clusters and after running $CRS_HOME/install/root102.sh I was quite surprised than ONS demon wasn’t started.

ОК.  It’s time to look deeper.

$ srvctl start nodeapps -n `hostname`
CRS-1006: No more members to consider
racnode1:ora.racnode1.ons:Remote port for local node in local config does not match that from OCR.
racnode1:ora.racnode1.ons:Number of configuration nodes retrieved: 1
racnode1:ora.racnode1.ons:0: {node = racnode1.domain, port = 4948}

racnode1:ora.racnode1.ons:ons is not running …
CRS-0215: Could not start resource ‘ora.racnode1.ons’.

So we see port 4948 was configured as ONS port in OCR. OCRDUMP displays the same information. Continue reading


Oracle Database PatchSet is Available


Quite good news for those who are going to stay with Oracle RDBMS release 10.2 for some more time.

Oracle RDBMS PatchSet version is available now!

For now it’s available only for Linux x86-64, but we are expecting availability for most platforms during May 2010.

Patch number is 8202632.

Happy patching! 😉


It’s interesting fact that PatchSet is already available(Apr 30, 2010), but no references for it in NOTE:316900.1 ALERT: Oracle 10g Release 2 (10.2) Support Status and Alerts…


NOTE:1088172.1 List of fixes included in

NOTE:1087991.1 Known issues and alerts affecting