Quick solution for ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file


From time to time when I’m creating standby databases manually, I’m facing next annoying message when starting managed recovery of standby database:

ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file

It means that I have restored not standby control file

To cope with this situation I have to CREATE STANDBY CONTROLFILE on primary, copy it to standby, then restore it(better read full store here), depending on disk configuration rename data, log-files…, but… I’m quite lazy… and prefer quick solutions if they are present.

So, the quick solution for ORA-01665 will be: Continue reading


Starting MRP reboots Linux Server (once more)

I have already blogged on similar issue, but decided to do it once again because symptoms are the same, but the source reason is different.

So, one of our customers asked for our help in situation when Linux server rebooted by them-self and, because it was hosting standby database, it was quite urgent to get it working properly to provide protection for primary database.

I have just started managed recovery process and everything was OK for a couple of minutes, but then … console hang and server just went down for reboot… interesting 😉

Just to test if it’s consistent, I have done it once more and… it rebooted once again after applying several archive logs… 😉 Continue reading

DataGuard: GAP resolution doesn’t work anymore

Quite interesting situation when GAP resolution stopped working after some time, but primary is still able to send redo to standby…

I’m working with Oracle Standby more than decade, but have faced this particular issue for the first time. Actually there are some similar issues that may be classified as well known, so it doesn’t take much time to resolve them.

Let’s me provide some details for this particular issue:

  • it’s system, but issue may be seen in another releases
  • DataGuard was setup and working fine for some time
  • GAP resolution was working perfectly
  • standby was shutdown-ed for maintenance
  • nothing was changed in configuration, so this is not a configuration change issue
  • after starting standby wasn’t able to resolve GAP with next messages in alert.log:

Fetching gap sequence in thread 1, gap sequence xxxxx-xxxxx Continue reading

DB doesn’t start after upgrade to (ORA-07445 [krslvna()+5073])

It was quite interesting night.

I was patching six RAC databases to with some patches over it and I was quite surprised that 3 database of 6 didn’t want to start…

Quick solution was found after a glance look on this part of alert.log

LNSb started with pid=31, OS id=28175
Error 12514 received logging on to the standby
Tue Dec  8 23:41:16 2009
Errors in file /ora1/oracle/admin/DB/bdump/db3_lgwr_28013.trc:
ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor
Tue Dec  8 23:41:16 2009
LGWR: Error 12514 verifying archivelog destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2
LGWR: Continuing...
Tue Dec  8 23:41:16 2009
Errors in file /ora1/oracle/admin/DB/bdump/db3_lgwr_28013.trc:
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [krslvna()+5073] [SIGSEGV] [Invalid permissions for mapped object] [0x000000254] [] []
Tue Dec  8 23:41:17 2009
Trace dumping is performing id=[cdmp_20091208234117]
Tue Dec  8 23:41:19 2009
Errors in file /ora1/oracle/admin/DB/bdump/db3_pmon_27978.trc:
ORA-00470: LGWR process terminated with error
Tue Dec  8 23:41:19 2009
PMON: terminating instance due to error 470
Tue Dec  8 23:41:21 2009
Shutting down instance (abort)

Continue reading