SoftBank Mobile Replaced Teradata with Exadata

Quite interesting reference project for Oracle Exadata completed a year ago.

Just excerpts:

  • improved data warehouse performance by 8X
  • replaced 36 Teradata racks with just three Oracle Exadata racks
  • 150% increase in storage capacity
  • reduced operational costs by more than half
  • accelerated analysis of billions of call records by more than 300%(“it was taking us 25 hours to analyze the data log each day”)
  • electricity saving by 9.68x at peak load (Based upon publicly available data sheets, 36 Teradata 2650 consume 255.6kW of electricity compared to 26.4kW for three full-rack Exadata Database Machines).

To read more, go to

PS. numbers really look AMAZING, but what is more interesting – how is this customer now ? 😉


Forrester on Oracle Exadata

Forrester recently published their research note about Oracle Exadata named “Oracle Exadata Raises The Bar On Database Appliances”.

It costs money to get access to this document on Forrester’s site, but You may access this document freely from Oracle’s site.

Oracle claims that this research wasn’t sponsored by Oracle, so lets look for some investigation results from independent researcher:

  • “Forrester estimates that more than 250 customers are currently using Oracle Exadata in production, and this is likely to triple in the next 12 to 18 months”
  • Oracle is the only vendor that offers a database appliance to support both data warehousing and OLTP workloads. However, we believe that other database management system (DBMS) vendors will follow suit to deliver OLTP appliances in the near future; but, for now, the leading DW appliance vendors are making their own moves”
  • “Oracle Exadata runs packaged applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite(EBS), SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, and Oracle Siebel applications without modifications”


PS: the whole document worth reading

I have passed 1Z0-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials

Continuing certification Saga I have passed 1Z0-536 Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials.

So now I have one more Oracle Certification Program status – Oracle Exadata 11g Certified Implementation Specialist.

For those who plan to take this exam:

1) it wasn’t difficult to pass it(especially in comparison with 1Z0-048 Oracle Database 10g R2: Administering RAC, 1Z0-054 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning, Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master…)

2) exam is highly based on official preparation course – Exadata and Database Machine Administration Workshop, so try to visit it.

3) there were a lot of questions related to IORM(IO Resource Manager), so please give additional attention to this topic

4) access to Exadata or Exadata Simulator will be very useful for training and real experience – it will be quite difficult to pass exam without them…

5) You have to guess only 2 questions from 3, because passing score is only 67% 😉

6) there were not any exhibits on exam…

7) use good post Oracle exam strategies for preparation and taking exam. The most valuable recommendations are these:  “Answer the EASY QUESTIONS FIRST“, “Delete alternative choices which YOU KNOW ARE WRONG”, “Make BEST GUESS”, but the whole post worth reading.

Good Luck!

PS.  I’m looking for Oracle Exadata-related activities/projects