My thoughts on Oracle Certification(interview to ICM)

Recently I have answered several question on Oracle Certification topic during the interview for IT Certification Master.

There are some my thoughts about current Oracle Certification strategy, info on OCM exam and some useful suggestions for newbies.

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I have passed OCM 10g Exam. How to prepare ?


I have successfully passed Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master Exam.

It took some time for preparation, so there were almost no blog posts…

For those who are going to take this exam I decided to write this post. Here will be no internals…

About exam:

  • OCM exam is positioned as advanced exam, but it’s not so complex as it may be expected
  • it’s quite expensive exam – take into consideration additional requirement for 2 advanced courses and being 10g or 11g OCP DBA before exam…
  • before even thinking of preparation for OCM exam, please decide WHY DO YOU NEED IT ?

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