Fixing ORA-07445 [opixrb()+6944] + ORA-600 [opixrb] Over Gateway

Today I was contacted by one of our customers (one of the biggest Ukraine banks) – that faced next issue after upgrading server-size PL/SQL code to new version on one of their critical systems:

  • they wasn’t able to compile one of packages – package compilation session just ended with the next message
    • ORA-01331 end of file communication channel
  • from the server-side(trace-file) error message was next:
    • ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [opixrb()+6944] [SIGSEGV] [ADDR:0x0] [PC:0x103C1D980] [Address not mapped to object] []
  • current SQL Statement from the trace-file:
    • SELECT :”SYS_B_0″ DUMMY FROM “dbo”.”sysusers”@APS WHERE “name” = :”SYS_B_1″
  • customer confirmed that they are using Oracle Gateway (Heterogeneous Services) link to Microsoft SQL Server inside mentioned package
  • there weren’t any changes to mentioned package during application code update
  • there weren’t any patches applied to ORACLE_HOME since everything worked OK
  • it just stopped compiling
  • they must have working system tomorrow morning! Continue reading