SoftBank Mobile Replaced Teradata with Exadata

Quite interesting reference project for Oracle Exadata completed a year ago.

Just excerpts:

  • improved data warehouse performance by 8X
  • replaced 36 Teradata racks with just three Oracle Exadata racks
  • 150% increase in storage capacity
  • reduced operational costs by more than half
  • accelerated analysis of billions of call records by more than 300%(“it was taking us 25 hours to analyze the data log each day”)
  • electricity saving by 9.68x at peak load (Based upon publicly available data sheets, 36 Teradata 2650 consume 255.6kW of electricity compared to 26.4kW for three full-rack Exadata Database Machines).

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PS. numbers really look AMAZING, but what is more interesting – how is this customer now ? ๐Ÿ˜‰