Global Context + Session Client Identifier = Strange Behaviour or Documentation BUG ?

Here I’ll describe some strange/interesting/ behaviour of Global Application Context connected with usage of Session Client Identifier, that is quite usually met in Application Express, J2EE Agent, Oracle Data Integrator starting from release and many other applications that uses JDBC Connection Pooling in conjunction with setting Session Client Identifier.

So what is the problem ?

The problem is that Global Application Context doesn’t work as expected and described in documentation – attributes’ VALUES ARE NOT VISIBLEContinue reading


ORA-01013 after 15 minutes in Oracle Apex through Apex Listener

Quite interesting problem was reported by our developers.

After 15 minutes of execution of long running server side procedure called from Apex(Oracle Application Experss) this call ends with:

ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

According to 18604.1 ORA 1013 user requested cancel of current operation, we have next explanation:

Cause:  The user interrupted an Oracle operation by entering CTRL-C, Control-C,  or another canceling operation.
This forces the current operation to end.
This is an informational message only.
Action: Continue with the next operation.

but it’s absolutely clear that nobody has requested this cancellation (BTW – this fact has been additionally checked ;)) and what it more important – how can we “Continue with the next operation”, if previous didn’t completed successfully and it’s required for next operation ? Continue reading